Burkhard von Harder bio // exhibition and publication history

Burkhard von Harder in Beijing / Peking at World Premiere of NARBE DEUTSCHLAND | SCAR GERMANY

Burkhard von Harder, 1954*, Isle of Sylt/Germany
NYU Film Student (class of Haig Manoogian) 1977/78 and
Fleckhaus (1925 -1983) Student, University of Wuppertal (1982-83; his death)

EXHIBITIONS (Selection - Solo):

  • 24 FPS - DECONSTRUCTING MOVIE(S), Being3 Gallery, 798 Art Zone/ Beijing and Plastic Factory, Cultural Park/Beijing, opening Christmas Eve 2015
  • NARBE DEUTSCHLAND, 967 min, 2008-2014, Being3 Gallery, Plastic Factory Cultural Park, Beijing/China, Oct. 25 - Dec. 7, 2014
  • www.die-narbe.de
  • 3 SECOND SERIES 2014, atArt, 798, Beijing/China, Oct 25 - Dec. 7, 2014
  • VIZII: 1st Int. Festival of Visual Culture and Photos, Kyiv/Ukraine, May / June 2013
  • PANORAMA FOR LITHUANIA, site specific Installation, 3 meter x 12 meter, Fort IX Memorial, Kaunas/Lithuania, 2008
  • DER VERTRAG, Galerie am Ratswall, Bitterfeld/Germany, 2005
  • SWIMMERS, Goethe Institut, New York/USA, 2000
  • IMAGES, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö/Sweden, 1997

EXHIBITIONS (Selection - Group):

  • THE PURE SUPREME, 10 years anniversary Being3 Gallery, Beijing/ China,, Dec.12, 2015 with Zhong Biao, Piero Mottola, Vanessa Alessi, Lisa SIsters, Su Rui, Ji Zi, Zhu Xiaodi, Chen Danyang, Zhang Zhaohui, Lan Zhenghui, Wei Ligang, Lv Peng
  • INFOCUS, Juried exhibition of Self-Published Photobooks, Doris and John Norton Gallery for the Center for Creative Photography, Phoenix Art Museum, second museum survey on the PoD phaenomenon, Arizona/ USA, Aug 23 - Sept 28, 2014
  • RECIPROCAL FABRICATION, Art College of Shangdong Architectual University Jinan/Shangdong, China 2013 (Claus Brunsmann, Burkhard von Harder, Hans Petri, Martina Schumacher, Eva-Maria Schwab, Eduard Winklhofer)
  • ED RUSCHA - BOOKS & CO, Gagosian - Madison Ave. NYC - bvh book contribution: SCARRED - Every Mile of the Death Strip, NYC/USA, March 5 - April 27, 2013
  • ABCED = Set of 33 books by ABC members as hommage to Ed. Ruscha at Contemp. Art Center Ljubjana/Slowenien, Dec. 18, 2012
  • THE EVOLUTION OF THE PHOTO BOOK, FotoFocus, Cincinnati/USA, Oct., 2012
  • COLOR, CWC Gallery/Camera Work Contemporary, Berlin/Germany, Sept. 15 - Dec. 1
  • DIY-PHOTOGRAPHERS & BOOKS, Cleveland Museum of Art - first museum survey on PoD phenomenon, Aug 11 - Dec 30, 2012 (bvh contribution: ARCHIVE MIRROR)
  • THE UNSEEN EYE: Photographs from the Unconscious - The W.M.Hunt Collection, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY/USA - October 1st 2011, February 19th, 2012
  • DIE FOTO-BILDNISSE VON BURKHARD VON HARDER, Galerie Christian Pixis, Munich/Germany, 2009, double-feature with painter Rocco Pagel
  • VON HARDER, HILSDORF, HORST P. HORST, Camera Work, Berlin/ Germany, 2001
  • 50 JAHRE MODERNE FARBPHOTOGRAPHIE, Photokina, Köln/Germany, 1986

FILMOGRAPHY - Films by Burkhard von Harder (selection):

  • 24 FPS - DECONSTRUCTING MOVIE(S) - VIDEO #1, experimental video 50 minutes, 2015
  • NARBE DEUTSCHLAND (DIE NARBE | THE SCAR part 2), 967 min, 2014, BRD, score: Klaus Wiese (1.62-2009) - aerial survey of the former inner German Demarcation line 25 years after it’s collapse
  • NARBE BERLIN (DIE NARBE | THE SCAR part 1), 78 min, BRD, 2009, Original Soundtrack F.M. Einheit - aerial survey of the former Berlin Wall
  • KENNZEICHEN KOHL, 2009, Regie Jean Boue, Buch: Jean Boue with Burkhard von Harder, produced by Hanfgarn & Ufer, 89 Min, BRD and based on the (book)project 'Wir wollten Deutschland’s Einheit/We wanted German Unity -100x Helmut Kohl' by Burkhard von Harder
  • YOU CAN'T PUSH BACK THE RIVER, 1992-1996, docudrama, 90 min, BRD/Brasil: Brazilians with German roots living on a garbage dump (idea/ production/realisation)
  • LETTER TO A STRANGER (altered from originally: 7 MOROCCAN FRAGMENTS), documentary, 28 min, 1989/90, BRD/Morocco: short portrait of an unemployed young Moroccan woman who is dreaming of a life in paris (story/production/realisation)
  • MANIC MONOLOGUES (REQUIEM), 50 minutes, experimental, 1979/80, Germany: frantic attempt of overcoming mental borders

FILM / FESTIVALS (Selection):

  • LOOP FESTIVAL, Barcelona, May/June 2015 (Narbe Deutschland at Capella Santa Agatha)
  • BERLINER FESTSPIELE, THE LONG NOW, Kraftwerk, March 2015, Narbe I und Narbe II (first NARBE BERLIN live concert by FM Einheit)
  • 44. INT. FILMFESTIVAL ROTTERDAM, IFFR, 2015: NARBE DEUTSCHLAND (967 min) and NARBE BERLIN (78 min), section SIGNALS: 24/7
  • WELLSPRING ACADEMY, Jinan/China, group exhibition: NARBE DEUTSCHLAND, segment, 2013
  • TOPOGRAPHIES VIRTUELLES: NARBE DEUTSCHLAND (segment), Palais de Tokyo/Paris, Les Rencontres Intern. Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Nov. 30 - Dec. 8, 2012 (Exhibition in Time)
  • ZERO Film Festival, New York, 2010: NARBE WESTBERLIN (West), 2009, 78 min
  • Intern. Dokumentarfilmfestival Leipzig, 2009: KENNZEICHEN KOHL (German Competition), directed by Jean Boue, script: Jean Boue with Burkhard von Harder, based on the project 'Wir wollten Deutschland’s Einheit/We wanted German Unity -100x Helmut Kohl' by Burkhard von Harder
  • Intern. Dokumentarfilmfestival Leipzig, 1990 (LETTER TO A STRANGER)
  • Intern. Dokumentarfilmfestival Muenchen 1990, Honorary Mentioning LETTER TO A STRANGER
  • 30. Int. Filmwoche Mannheim, 1981, Reihe Deutscher Nachwuchsfilm: REQUIEM - VOM GEISTIGEN SCHEITERN EINER VERSUCHTEN ENTGRENZUNG - Experimental Film, 1979/80, 50 min, BRD
  • DEUTSCHES HISTORISCHES MUSEUM (DMH), Berlin: NARBE BERLIN had over 2000 screenings at DHM / German Historical Museum/Berlin in the museum’s permanent exhibition section between 2009 and 2010

Participant at conventions:

  • ACCIDENT ON THE HIPPIE TRAIL i.e. THE BIG DISTRACTION, presenter, DNK Deutsches Nationalkomitee fuer Denkmalschutz, Akademie der Schoenen Kuenste/Dresden, Oct. 7, 2011
  • THE ART OF PUBLIC MEMORY: NARBE BERLIN, presenter, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, April 2011

Publications (texts on Burkhard von Harder - selection):

  • RADICAL ARCHIVES by Sarah James, FRIEZE d/e Magazine, 2015
  • EVERYONE IS THE ENTIRE HUMANKIND, catalogue text by Mianbu (curator/poet) on the 16 hour project NARBE DEUTSCHLAND by Burkhard von Harder, Being3 Gallery, Beijing 2014
  • THE IMAGES THEY LEFT BEHIND, Int. New York Times, Aug 14, 2014
  • BLACK AND WHITE ATLANTIS, text by Oksana Zabushko on the anonymous Ukrainian negatives by Burkhard von Harder, 2013
  • COLD WAR IN A TRASH BAG, Text: Karl E. Johnson, EYEMAZING Magazine 1/2012, by Anonymous/Burkhard von Harder
  • FOTOGRAFIE UND ERINNERUNG: DIE FOTO-BILDNISSE VON BURKHARD VON HARDER, Text von Christian d’Orville, Artlover 05/2011, Galerie Christian Pixis/Muenchen
  • ERINNERUNGEN AN AFGHANISTAN, Text F. Adler, Juni/Juli 2009, SCHWARZWEISS 70 (Magazine for Photography)
  • Prof. Joern Merkert: text unvollendet (unpublished), 2007
  • SWIMMERS, Catalogue, Burkhard von Harder: Portraits of People in German Bathing Houses, Text: Andy Grundberg, Goethe Institute, New York, 2001

Publications (works by Burkhard von Harder - selection):

  • CONVEYOR Magazin #7, 2015 (Decaying History by Liz Sales)
  • NARBE DEUTSCHLAND, Exhibition Catalogue Being3 Gallery, Beijing China, 2014
  • INT. NEW YORK TIMES, PAGE TWO (The Images they left behind), 8/14/2014
  • COLD WAR IN A TRASH BAG, Text: Karl E. Johnson, EYEMAZING Magazine 1/2012, by Anonymous/Burkhard von Harder
  • THE UNSEEN EYE. Photographs from the Unconscious. The WM Hunt / Collection, Burkhard von Harder: Man on the Diving Board, 1985, Aperture/Thames & Hudson, London/NY, 2011
  • PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE ART OF DIGITAL PRINTING, Nash Editions, Burkhard von Harder: Frontispiz and page 206, Graham Nash (Hg.), Berkeley, CA 2006
  • DER VERTRAG, Exhibition Catalogue, Burkhard von Harder. Galerie am Ratswall, Bitterfeld, 2005
  • IMAGES, Exhibition Catalogue, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö 1997
  • Varanasi, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Magazin, 1987
  • INDIA POR BURKHARD PHILIPP HARDER, Irisfoto no. 552, April/Mai 1992, page 16-25
  • ROBERTO BURLE MARX: UMA FLOR DE PESSOA, Vogue Brasil, Vogue Special Edition : Cover and 30 Page spread, text: Fernando Gabeira, photographs: Burkhard von Harder, page 76-107, Nr. 139, February 1987
  • INDIA POR BURKHARD PHILIPP HARDER, Irisfoto no. 552, April/Mai 1992, page 16-25
  • Schwimmer II, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Magazin, 1986
  • Schwimmer, Zeit-Magazin, 1986
  • Hansa Varietee Hamburg, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Magazin, 1983
  • Der Wiener Ring, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Magazin, 1983
  • Cafe Greco, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Magazin, 1983
  • 50 JAHRE FARBFOTOGRAFIE, Manfred Heiting Hrsg, photokina, 1986
  • DAS DEUTSCHE LICHTBILD, Wolf Strache/Otto Steinert (Hg.), S. 147: Burkhard von Harder: Drei Phasen eines Zuges, DSB, Stuttgart 1973

Burkhard von Harder is a former member of ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative and self-published between 2011 and 2013 almost 100 books and zines (MORTO IN ITALIA, 2010 / ARCHIVE MIRROR, 2011 / COLD WAR IN A TRASH BAG, 2011 / ANONYMOUS COLD WAR ARCHIVE, 2014)

Works in private and public collections incl. the Libraries of Tate Modern/ London / Metropolitan Museum of Art/NY / New York Public Library (NYPL) / Cleveland Museum of Art/USA / Centre Pompidou/Paris.

Burkhard von Harder’s work has been exhibited internationally in France/ China/ Germany/ Lithuania/ Netherlands/ Spain/ Sweden/ Ukraine/ USA.

June, 2017